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Welcome to Primal Martial Art's Website!

Primal Martial Arts is where champions train.  Students of all ages come to Primal for a variety of reasons including Confidence, Respect, Discipline, Fitness and of course, Self-Defense.

Finding the right school is very important!  When you visit a school that has Black Belts under 10 years old, they are pushing students through for testing money.  When their uniforms are covered in patches it is a sign that they are setting mediocre goals for children and of course charging for the patches.  They use words like "traditional" and "grass roots program" as a shield to explain why those students don't measure up against other schools.

Our students are taught to strive to be a little better each day and as a result, a champion is born.  EVERY student has a champion inside of them just waiting to be unleashed and nurtured.  That "Winner" attitude carries over into the other aspects of their lives and helps students get better grades in school, be more respectful, and gives them the confidence to accomplish great things.

Check Out Primal's 2013 World Open Taekwondo Championship Gold Medalists!!!

Here is a short video tribute of these amazing teenage athletes to their team mate, Fitim "Tim" Kadriu that passed away 2 weeks prior to attending the US World Open Taekwondo Championships.






Primal Martial Arts provides superior instruction in Taekwondo and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu/MMA in Wasilla and is currently the largest dedicated Martial Arts studio in the state.

We have TaeKwonDo classes for all ages and skill levels as well as an exciting after school Martial Arts Program.  


If Brazilian Ju-Jitsu/MMA is what you are after, we teach a very comprehensive program that includes Grappling, Wrestling, Striking, and MMA Fitness.  We are proud to support the AFC here in Alaska.
Our site not only allows you to find out information about our classes, instructors, and our martial arts styles, but we also provide you with a huge selection of quality martial arts products available for purchase online.

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