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The Primal Martial Arts movie fieldtrip will be to see Kung-Fu Panda on June 14th.  The movies starts at 3:30 so be there early (3:15) so you have time to round up some yummies and get seated.  Remember to wear your dobuk tops or your Primal Martial Arts T-shirts so that you can show off the pride you take in your school.  Your safety is very important to us, so if you are getting dropped off, make sure that you are in the care of one our Black Belts before your parents leave.
We hope to see you at the movies!!

*UPDATE*  Wow!!  We have such a great martial arts family!!  Thank you to everyone that came to the movies with us.  We were a little overwhelmed seeing our school take up almost 4 whole rows.  EVERY one of you behaved beautifully and you made us proud AGAIN.
Thank you to our parents and students!