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Master Sawyer of J. Park Tae Kwon Do put on a GREAT tournament this year.  He genuinely cares about the kids and it really shows at his tournaments.  The Primal Martial Arts students were definately something to be proud of.  They fought like champions and behaved like winners all day.  I could not be more proud of how each and every student conducted themselves.

Ashlyn D.- Silver Forms, Gold Sparring

Josh G.- Gold Forms, Gold Sparring

Karl G.- Silver Forms, Silver Sparring

Eden T.- Silver Forms, Silver Sparring

Xoue B.- No medals this time.

Tom M.- Gold Sparring

Matthew M.- Gold Forms, Gold Sparring

Dalton D.- Silver Sparring

Abel R.- Gold Forms, Silver Sparring

Alex R.- Silver Forms, Silver Sparring

Malia R.- Silver Sparring

Stephen M.- Bronze Forms, Silver Sparring

Jesse S.- Silver Forms, Gold Sparring

Jade S.- Bronze Forms, Bronze Sparring

Hannah K.- Gold Forms, Silver Sparring

Wes S.- Bronze Forms, Bronze Sparring