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Summer is here!!  Primal Martial Arts will have space at this year's parade in downtown Wasilla.  The parade march is on the 4th of July and the march will take up approximately 6 blocks.  Several students and their families have expressed interest in being a part of the march so we wanted to invite everyone that can make it.  Students, please wear your uniforms including your belts.  Parents, if you would like to march, please wear your Primal Tshirts or your warm-up suits.
We will be meeting at the Performing Arts Center in downtown Wasilla no later than 10:30.  The actual march begins at 11:00.  We look forward to spending the time with you and appreciate all of your great support!!

After the march, there will be a Wasilla Community Picnic at the Idita-park in the area next to the Honor Garden.  We would love it if our students could come over and enjoy some time together in a non-class enviroment.

Please let your instructor know ASAP if you can participate in the march.

*UPDATE*  Thank you to all the families that were able to come out and show their support!!!  Thank you Tom's Mom for the water and cookies.  Thank you to Wendi and Adam for taking time away from vacation to come and support the team.
Once again, we have such a great team and we could not be more happy!!