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2008 Champ's Tae Kwon Do TournamentMaster Yu of Champ's Tae Kwon Do is such a great host.  He treats everyone with respect and his athletes know how to put on a good show.  We enjoyed his tournament and will be back.

What a great day!!  Some of our competitors had never been to a competition before and NONE of them had competed in "Points Sparring".  Several of our fighters ended up pitted against one another for the gold medal matches.  Family going into the match, competitors in the ring, and then family leaving the match.  As an instructor and a member of this family, I could not be more proud.

David, Age 23-  Silver Forms, GOLD Sparring

Wes, Age 17-  GOLD Forms, Silver Sparring (Put out by James from our team)

James, Age 17-  Silver Forms, GOLD Sparring

Chase, Age 16-  Bronze Forms, Bronze Sparring (Put out by Wes from our team)

Alex, Age 15-  GOLD Forms, GOLD Sparring

Stephen, Age 13-  Silver Forms, Silver Sparring (Put out by Matthew from our team)

Matthew, Age 12-  GOLD Forms, GOLD Sparring

Jesse, Age 11-  Silver Forms, GOLD Sparring

Xoue, Age 8-  GOLD Forms, Silver Sparring

Eden, Age 8-  GOLD Forms, GOLD Sparring

Jade, Age 7-  Silver Forms, GOLD Sparring

Abel, Age 6-  GOLD Forms, GOLD Sparring