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Check Out "News" section to the left for additional information on the Primal Martial Arts Tournament held at the Alaska State Fair on September 1st, 2008.
We are very proud of our competitors and appreciate all the parent help we received!

Here are the results:

Alexa- Silver                          
Evan- Silver                           
Emily- Gold                           
Jakob- Silver                          
Thomas- Gold                        
Lily- Gold                              
Shelley- Gold                         
James- Silver                          
Tom- Silver                            
Joel- Gold                              
Eli- Gold                                
Hannah- Gold                        
Abel- Silver                            
Wes- Gold                              
Charles- Gold                         
Eden- Gold                            
Ashlyn- Gold                         
Alex- Silver                            
Dalton- Silver                         
Xoue- Silver                           
Joshua- Gold                          
David- Gold                           
Daniel- Silver                         
Stephen- Gold                        
Matthew- Gold                      
Jesse- Gold                             
Jade- Gold