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Testing is an important part of Martial Arts.  Testing represents setting a goal and working to obtain it.  Each test requirement gets progressively harder and more advanced as the student obtains higher rank.
Once a student reaches Black Belt, a Black Belt Certification is issued so that their rank is verifiable through the World Tae Kwon Do Federation.  Some schools charge excessive amounts of money for both testing and Black Belt Certification.

Novice Students
White Belt –The color white signifies innocence, as that of the beginning student who has no previous knowledge of Tae Kwon Do.
Yellow Belt – The color yellow signifies the earth.  The beginning student begins to create a firm foundation in Tae Kwon Do technique, just as a seed begins to expand its root system deep in the earth as it begins to grow.
Orange Belt – The color orange signifies the changes of Autumn, as the student's mind and body begin to develop and grow as a result of the new Tae Kwon Do experience.Purple Belt – The color purple represents the changing sky of dawn, as once again the student undergoes a new change and prepares for the transition to advanced student.
Intermediate Students 
Green Belt – The color green represents growth, like that of the green plant as it sprouts out of the ground.  The student has built a firm foundation and now begins to grow in the art of Tae Kwon Do. 
Blue Belt –The color blue represents the sky.  Reminding the student to reach for the heavens and continue their Tae Kwon Do journey.
Advanced Students 
Red Belt – The color of blood signifies danger and is a warning to the student to temper her newly found skills and techniques with control and wisdom.
Senior Students 
Black – The opposite of white signifies maturity and dignity, as that of a senior student of Tae Kwon Do who has learned the basic curriculum of Tae Kwon Do and is ready to become a true student of Tae Kwon Do.

Testing fee includes a certificate and the appropriate belt.  Friends, Family and non-testing students are welcome to attend testings.  Some schools do not allow outsiders, such as parents, to attend higher belt rank testings and they do not display their belt testing fees.  We have nothing to hide and take great pride in our support of family. 

Our belt testing fees are listed below:
$50.00  Yellow
$60.00 Orange
$60.00 Purple
$70.00 Green
$70.00 Blue
$120.00 Red (This rank advancement includes an embroidered red belt)
$80.00 Brown (A hatch mark is added to the red belt)
$80.00 Candidate (A second hatch is added to red belt)
$450.00 Black Belt 1st (Includes embroidered black belt, black "V" neck uniform, and Black Belt Certification)

Please Print Testing Application Below.

Testing ApplicationTesting Applications Are Due Before the Day of Testing. Students must be in good standing to test.