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Basic Rules of Primal Martial Arts Fight Studio
Every Student Must Learn These Rules
Respect Starts Here!
  1. Always wear a clean, wrinkle free Dobuk (uniform).
    1. Only wear patches approved by PMA
    2. You must wear your Dobuk or YOU WILL NOT TRAIN.
    3. After each days training, please fold your Dobuk properly or place on a hanger. Do not simply wad it up into a ball.
    4. Your Dobuk and belt should never be worn outside to play. This is your training uniform, not a costume.
  2. Make sure you have clean hands and feet and that both your toenails and fingernails are cut to the pad. This is an important safety issue.
  3. Do not wear sharp items or jewelry during training.
  4. Do not wear your Dobuk over pants. A shirt may be worn under your Dobuk top (recommended for females) but must be white, black or correspond with your belt rank color and must be free from visible designs. The shirt must not have a collar or buttons.
  5. Do not eat in the fight studio.
  6. No chewing gum allowed in the Primal Martial Arts Facility.
  7. No smoking inside or outside PMA fight studio. Please walk around the corner of the building or smoke in your car.
  8. You must be on time. If for some unforeseen reason you are late, you must stand at attention and request permission to join the class.
  9. There should be no unnecessary talking during class. Speak when spoken to by and instructor or when asking a question. After asking a question, bow to your instructor. Please keep talking to a minimum before and after class. 
  10. When asked a question by an instructor, a response of yes sir/ma’am is given, your response to the question and a bow.
  11. You may only enter and leave PMA through the front waiting room door. You must bow towards the American Flag when leaving or entering the mat area.
  12. When adjusting your belt or uniform, drop to one knee and face away from instructors.
  13. Adults are not allowed in the bathroom with children unless they are your children. This is to protect both the adults and the children.
  14. Never leave the training area without specific permission from your instructor.