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54 Competitors and over 40 Gold Medals!!

It was a long day and we relied heavily on our student's parents.  We want to thank those parents for stepping up and the support everyone gave to all of our athletes.  Students from our Little Lambs and Kidzone programs were also in attendance and performed magnificently.  Gold and Silver matches came down to two Primal Students more than a few times which always presents the question, "Who do you yell for?!?!"

Also, we were quite impressed with the champion behavior of our students wether they won or lost.  We have one of the best Taekwondo schools in Alaska because of our students and their great families.

We would never be so ego driven to say students "train with the best" but our results speak for themselves that we definately have a handle on "training the best."

Master Sawyer of J. Park has been teaching Taekwondo in Alaska so long that all his memories are in black and white and we have nothing but respect for him and his accomplishments.  We thank him for his continued support of the Alaska Tae Kwon Do community and for holding a great tournament every year.

The day had a common theme:

Meet the Primal cut kick...

...NOW, meet the floor!