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2009 Junior Olympics and Senior Nationals
Austin, Texas
11 Competitors and 10 GOLD Medals!!!
We have such a GREAT team and family support!  Ms. Sarah was a fantastic team mom and kept everyone moving in a forward direction.  Ms. Lilia, Mr. Ross, and Ms. Kim were there to cheer for our team and run from ring to ring to making sure to let every competitor know that they are part of a family.  Mr. Andrew took the team out for dinner giving us a great chance to debrief from all the excitement of each competitors accomplishments.  Ms. Melissa provided transportation and emotional support along with competing and bringing our team yet another gold for sparring.  We love our team!
Six Flags was a great day for all of us to unwind.  The blistering 116 degrees could not keep our team from being outside.  Fireworks were amazing and consumed most of downtown.  Some of our competitors had never enjoyed a 4th of July fireworks display at night.  Our team members got a chance to spend time together and bond.  These kinds of experiences are very rare and we are so happy with the outcome.