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Primal Martial Arts Invitational
Alaska State Fair

We want to thank all the schools that participated this year!!  We would also like to thank the parents and athletes for making this a great competition.  Mother Nature did her part and provided us with 70 degree sunny weather all day, making it one of the nicest fair days in memory.

The four biggest Taekwondo schools in Alaska were represented: Champ's Taekwondo, Elite USA Taekwondo, J. Park Taekwondo and Primal Martial Arts.

Master Soper of J. Park Taekwondo served as the Head Referee of the event and fair play was the spirit of the day.

Master Martin of Elite USA Taekwondo did the morning prayer and provided the scoring system along with the much valued referees.

It was refreshing to look around the event and see athletes from different schools sitting and laughing together, school masters hugging other school's athletes after a match, and so many parents having a good time.

The medal count of each of the schools at the end of the day paled by comparison to the fun family atmosphere of the event as a whole.  Every athlete walked away a champion.