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2010 Alaska State Championships
The final results are in... 25 competitors from Primal attended, 23 are now Alaska State Champions.

In the Black Belt Divisions, there was only 1 slot availabe per divisioin for the athletes to compete at the Junior Olympics in their respective World Class positions.  All three of our Black Belts that competed won Gold, securing their positions at the Junior Olympics and reaffirming Primal builds fighters.

Truthfully however, we were proud of our athletes behavior and good sportsmanship more than their medal count.  One school demonstrated poor judgement in behavior and attitude throughout the day but came to realize their mistake as the day progressed.  All of the rest of the schools in Alaska had a great day working together for the good of Alaskan athletes.

Stephen of Primal (won by TKO) vs. Jay's TKD/Eagle River TKD Athtete

Matthew of Primal (won 14-8) vs. Jay's TKD/Eagle River TKD athlete

Alex of Primal (won 21-0) vs. Jay's TKD/Eagle River TKD athlete