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2010 Nationals
Team Members:  Morgan E., Krystal H., Marisa O., Jhoanna H., Janelle H., Paiton K., Jasmine B., Tyler O., Joel T., Blake Jr., Jarek B., Greg H., Blake Sr., Jake E., Kyle H., Coulson K., Tyler H., Alex R., Jesse S., Matthew M., Stephen M.
  Master McConarty, Master Shearer, Mr. Matthew, Mr. Dancel

First, we would like to thank all the parents, athletes, and family members for their support!  We have the best Taekwondo school in the Valley because of that support and dedication.

Exciting News:
  Primal's very own Master Shearer was awarded a Citation of Merit from the World Taekwondo Federation and USAT in recognition of his dedicated service and outstanding contribution to the development of Taekwondo during Wednesdays opening ceremonies at the Junior Olympics/Senior Nationals.  This award is given rarely and it is a great honor for Master Shearer to be recognized at both the national and international level.
The Primal Martial Arts and J. Park Sponsored Martial Arts Chopper was a huge hit during it's unveiling at the Opening Ceremonies.  In the days prior, Master McConarty and Master Shearer spent time with the USA Olympians that lent their signatures to the paint scheme of the bike in support.  Diana Lopez had been in Alaska 2 weeks prior and both her and brother Steven were very excited to see the bike in Orlando.

Gold Medals- Morgan, Janelle, Paiton, Jasmine, Jesse, Matthew, Dancel
Silver Medals- Jasmine, Blake Sr., Tyler, Alex, Matthew, Paiton, Dancel
Bronze Medals- Marisa, Jhoanna, Jake, Coulson, Tyler, Jesse, Jarek


On the last day of competiton, Tyler from our sister school took Gold in World Class securing his position on the Senior National Team.  Now he moves on to the Pan Am Games and from there the Olympic Trials.  We could not be more proud!!
Jarek and Jake have never fought so well.  They put on their game faces, listened to their coaches, and showed up ready to win.
Morgan and Janelle had similar experiences.  In their Gold medal matches, they beat their opponents both mentally and physically for very decisive victories.
Jesse dominated his division winning matches as high as 15-0 and lost right before the Gold medal match to penalties.
Matthew lost to the Junior National Team member in sudden death and then went on the next day to win a Silver in the Adult Division.  Matthew was asked to spend the rest of this summer training with a National Team Member and he definately made a name for himself.