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2012 Nationals
Fort Lauderdale, FL
What a great time!  We had great families this year that stepped up and showed their team pride and reflected well on themselvels and our school.  We could not be happier.
Our colored belts worked their butts off.  Some of their divisions were HUGE!  Jake, Kindell, Scott, and Marisa all brought home the sparring golds.  Jarek and Morgan brought home sparring bronze.  Blake and Tim did not medal in sparring this year but they worked hard and represented the school well.

I wanted to give a special highlight to one of our colored belt fighters.  We love them all and are very proud of them but I think all would agree that special recognition needs to go out to Marisa.  Marisa (age 14) traveled to Fort Lauderdale without her parents who stayed behind to run the family business.  Lucky for her, she had her Primal family so she had no shortage brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles.  The entire team screamed and lost their minds while Marisa was fighting.

A few moments before Marisa’s first fight, she walked over to me and said, “I really want this!”.  I looked at her I said, “Prove it.” and boy did she!

Her parents watched on Facetime all the way from Alaska as Marisa stood before a giant, a girl with at least 4-6 inches of height on her.  Going into her final round with the girl, Marisa was down points and seemingly facing a heartbreaking defeat, but then, the magic happened.  The look of self doubt and the fear of losing left Marisa’s eyes and it was replaced with something more powerful, determination.  Marisa went on to Point Gap that girl in the final round.  After that Marisa went through several fighters until finally, there was no one left and she stood alone at the top of the podium.  Congratulations Marisa on earning your National Gold!

Jhoanna, a first year blackbelt earned a National Team Trial Slot!!!

Jannelle managed to secure a Senior National Team slot!!!!  This is only her second year as a blackbelt and that is simply amazing.

Matthew earned a Team Trial Slot.  Matthew broke his wrist with a devastating punch to his opponent to win his first match and then went on to fight the rest of the day.

Stephen fought his heart out.  He point gapped opponents left and right earning a National Team Trial Slot!!!

Jesse is the current AAU National Team Member and is going to Team Trials for the second straight year!!!