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2013 World Open Taekwondo Championships
Two weeks prior to leaving for the Championships, Primal suffered the devastating loss of one our team members, Master Fitim Kadriu.

The team pushed on, through the trainings and the emotions and drew strength from Master Tim.  He represented the very best in all of us, always eager to train, always smiling and most importantly... Master Tim's drive to always be just a little better today then he was yesterday.

(The World Team One Month Prior to Master Tim's Passing)
The day began with one team member of the six not with us.  The team stood in silence as they reflected on how much Master Tim was looking forward to attending this event with the team.  Each team member with "Fitim Kadriu" embroidered on the shoulder of their uniforms so that Master Tim was beside them in spirit, win-lose-or draw.
In the end, when the dust settled, there stood the remaining 5 World Championship Team Members and with them, the 5 Gold Medals they earned in sparring.  Some of the fighters we faced were outstanding fighters and could have possibly beat us on any other day, but not this day.

To the last round, to the last kick, to our last breath...
Marisa Orito
Jhoanna Hughes
Jannelle Hughes
Matthew McConarty
Jesse Shearer
Tim Kadriu