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2013 North American Sport Taekwondo Association Nationals
*** Primal Martial Arts was awarded the Number One Olympic Sparring School Award!!!***
This was an exciting year for our athletes!  Thank you to the parents for your amazing support.  We took 13 athletes to the event that included 6 black belts hoping to earn a spot on the N.A.S.T.A. USA National Taekwondo Team.  Some of the fights were grueling and every athlete busted their butts through each of the rounds.
Sparring Results:
Colored Betls:
Eric Y- Gold
Risa P- Gold
Carmen S- Gold
Jacob H- Gold
Kindell B- Gold
Blake B Jr- Gold
Jade S- Gold

Black Betls:
Blake B Sr..- Gold
Jarek B- Gold
Jhoanna H- Gold
Jannelle H- Gold
Matthew M.- Gold
Stephen M- Gold

If you noticed that every competitor got GOLD in sparring, it is not a typo!!!  ALL six blackbelts made the NASTA USA National Team!!!  National Team Trainings, Collegiate Competition, and the World Open are some of the things these athletes will be experiencing this year!   They have worked hard and deserve every ounce of praise they receive.

A shout out to Kindell B. who earned a Gold medal in breaking.  She broke a double stack of 1" boards at each station and came out of the gate with a 360 round, clearly impressing the judges, as she powered through the rest of her breaks.  No board survived.  Good Job Kindell!!